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Welcome to SPIE Photonics West 2023! Visit PLX at Booth #245

Meet one-on-one with our CEO or CTO and our Chief Engineer at SPIE Photonics West 23 (Booth 245) and learn about PLX’s advanced and emerging optical technology.

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PLX's new ACT-HR100 High-Resolution Electronic Autocollimator

Introducing the ACT-HR100, the latest in PLX’s line of high precision, Electronic Autocollimators.

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PLX's new high performance, compact LTHRXP

The new PLX high performance, compact LTHRXP is designed to help conquer space.

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Our latest advancement in LTHR technology

The all-weather LTHRAW with hermetically sealed construction: designed to operate under severe field conditions.

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PLX integrates innovative systems into assemblies for critical defense, space, and aerospace.

PLX integrates innovative systems into assemblies for critical defense, space, and aerospace platforms. You set the challenge we come up with solutions.

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Introducing PLX's cutting edge novel Beam Steering Technology

PLX Beam Steering Technology delivers complete, cutting edge laser scanning systems for target tracking and and metrology applications.

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Visit PLX at LASER World of PHOTONICS, Hall B5 Booth 426.1, April. 26-29

Learn how PLX’s unique Beam Steering Technology can deliver cutting edge Laser tracking and Metrology applications. Visit PLX at LASER World of PHOTONICS, Hall B5 Booth 426.1.

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Visit PLX at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022, booth 1529, April. 5-7

Learn how PLX’s unique Beam Steering Technology can deliver cutting edge Laser tracking and Metrology applications. Visit PLX at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, booth 1529.

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2022-02-17: Appointment of new vice president at PLX

We are excited to announce the appointment of Malcolm Humphrey, our Chief Technology Officer, to vice president of PLX Inc.

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Introducing PLX’s addition to its Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™ (LTHR) series

PLX’s new All-Weather Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors™ (LTHRAW) perform under the harshest environmental conditions without risking damage to the optics, while maintaining all the benefits and performance of our standard LTHRs.

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PLX Inc and Reflex Imaging announce the completion of the acquisition of Reflex Imaging by PLX

PLX Inc. and Reflex Imaging are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of 100% of Reflex Imaging by PLX. This acquisition upholds PLX’s position at the forefront of the photonics industry and adds Reflex Imaging’s ground-breaking technology to PLX’s industry leading capabilities in the field of monolithic optics.


Transforming Optical Structure Technology Through Innovative System Integration Video

PLX’s new capabilities video, “Transforming Optical Structure Technology Through Innovative System Integration,” covers PLX’s rise as a major optical engineering innovator and its contributions to the Defense, Space, and commercial fields.


PLX in conjunction with PMG, is launching targeted programs promoting PLX’s M.O.S.T.™

In this tough and demanding Defense and Aerospace Market, PMG is collaborating with PLX Inc., an innovative high-precision optics technology leader, to launch target programs to promote PLX’s products and capabilities. The integrated Market Program will focus on key functional areas, mission-critical applications, various platforms, and target accounts that fit PLX's competencies and area of expertise.


ATLAS – Perfectly Aligned thanks to Retroreflectors - Laser Components Photonics News

Read the article about how PLX retroreflectors and LHTRs help to keep the emitter and telescope of the ATLAS program perfectly aligned. The article was published in LASER COMPONENTS Photonics News Magazine - Issue 88.


Insights from European CEOs: EPIC interviews Itai Vishnia, CEO of PLX

Check out this exclusive interview With PLX Inc.’s CEO, Itai Vishnia. Discover PLX’s heritage in the defense and aerospace industry, and the journey of new innovative technologies achieved along the way. Learn about PLX’s key technology, such as the Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T.) and how it has exceeded the expectations of many. Finally, get a glimpse of the future of PLX INC, and what ground breaking solutions they are developing next.


Transforming Space Optics by Integrating Innovative Monolithic Optical Systems - Noordwij Sept. 2019

Itai Vishnia, PLX CEO, recently presented “Transforming Space Optics by Integrating Innovative Monolithic Optical Systems" at the EPIC (EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM) meeting on New Space at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands. The conference brought together some of the world’s leading companies and experts, to cover key priorities for the “New Space Roadmap.”


Transforming Optical Structure Technology Through Innovative System Integration - Berlin Aug. 2019

Recently presented at the EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit 2019 Berlin Germany,(EPIC - EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM), by Itai Vishnia, CEO PLX Inc. The event gathers 150 experts and leaders from industrial companies around the world to discuss photonics technology developments, applications, and challenges.


New ACT-WF News Release

The new PLX Wide-Focus (ACT-WF) High-Resolution Electronic Autocollimator has a 2.4 megapixel wide spectral range camera.


PLX Space Heritage

PLX's space heritage dates back to 1975 when the company provided hollow retroreflectors to the Apollo-Soyuz Russian-American space hookup program.


Announcing our, new expanded line of Roof Mirrors™ (HRM)

PLX Hollow Roof Mirrors (HRMs) are ideal for redirecting light in one coordinate and any application where a roof top or Porro prism can be used. Useful in all wavelengths, they are available in different accuracies, coatings, and configurations.


PLX Retroreflector used in Fourier–Spectrometer for robotic exploration of Mars atmosphere

The TIRVIM (Thermal Infra-Red V-Shape Interferometer Mounting) Spectrometer is part of the Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS), which is now successfully operating in orbit around Mars.


PLX Inc. wins Lockheed Martin’s Small Business Award for 2015

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control division has awarded PLX Inc. with one of its prestigious Outstanding Small Business awards.


Ball Mounted Hollow Retroreflectors now available in a new unique Break-Resistant configuration

PLX’s high accuracy Durable Ball Mounted Retroreflectors (DBMRs) offer increased durability and are designed to work in demanding environments.


Improved Invar mounted USHM, the ultimate in accuracy, shock and vibration resistance.

PLX’s new USHM’s robust mounting and mirror technology offer properties which enable them to perform exceptionally well in critical applications and harsh conditions.


Press Release- PLX LTHR's on ATLAS program

PLX was awarded a contract from Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation for two LTHR’s™ for the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS) program. ATLAS is the sole instrument on the ICESat-2 satellite scheduled for a June 2018 launch.