PLX Laser Communication Applications


PLX has been producing space-qualified instruments and components for over 40 years and cover a wide range of applications. PLX’s optical technologies are a part of the worlds most notable space missions.


PLX Space Participation Timeline

PLX has supplied retroreflectors to NEC for incorporation in their recently launched (November 2020) Laser Communication Terminal (LCT) for satellites.

Retro 1 PS 2.0

The LCT uses laser light to deliver broadband data transmission in outer space. PLX provided several retroreflectors fabricated from special low thermal expansion materials (Invar and Corning ULE). This was important to maintain the high accuracy (<0.7 arc seconds) of the retroreflectors during orbit. The retroreflectors are part of the on-board calibration system.

The LCT has been provided for the Laser Utilizing Communication System (LUCAS) being coordinated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).The LUCAS system developed by JAXA enables data relaying between Earth observation satellites (LEO satellites) and optical data relay satellites (GEO satellites) by optical communication using infrared laser beams with a wavelength of 1.5µm.

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