PLX Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors™ (LTHR) Series: Excellent for aligning two or more parallel axis at any given distance while maintaining sub arc second accuracy.

Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector Series


  • Perfect for folding parallel light 180° degrees.
  • Available with sub arc second accuracy.
  • Extremely temperature stable.
  • Large choice of coatings
  • Sealed all-weather enclosures available.
  • Compact package available.
  • Vacuum-compatible.
  • PLX is a registered ISO 9001 company.

Coating Specification Chart


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Our Lateral Transfer Hollow RetroreflectorTM (LTHR) Series Products:

Find Ideal solutions for “U” fold in a large Michelson interferometer or back-to-back configurations for folding interferometers while maintaining sub arc second accuracy. PLX’s line of LTHR’s is extremely temperature stable because all component parts have the same coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). A variety of coatings are available, as well customization and two aperture choices. 

Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector Selector Chart

Package Size Standard Standard Compact
Dust Proof No Yes No
Water/Humidity Proof No Yes No
Vacuum-compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Mechanical Stability Excellent Excellent Excellent
Temperature Range Very Good Very Good Excellent
Vibration Very Good Very Good Excellent
Shock Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Protective Housing Yes Yes Yes