The PLX All-Weather Lateral Transfer Hollow RetroreflectorTM (LTHRAW): Designed for applications required to work under the harshest environmental conditions without risking damage to the optics.



  • Perfect for boresighting:
    • Targeting pods
    • Surveillance systems and rangefinders
    • LIDAR boresight
    • Telescope boresight
  • High precision spectroscopy and optical alignment
  • Invariant beam folding/sampling
  • Designed for Field applications.
  • Extremely temperature stable.
  • Large choice of coatings.
  • Sealed all-weather enclosures.
  • Maintenace-free.
  • Vacuum-compatible.
  • PLX is a registered ISO 9001 company.

Coating Specification Chart


Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors™ (LTHR) Series

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PLX All-Weather Lateral Transfer Hollow RetroreflectorsTM (LTHRAW) with hermetically sealed enclosures.

PLX provides ruggedized, vacuum compatible, hermetically sealed all-weather enclosures for applications that require environmental protection for optical surfaces—enabling our products to perform under the harshest environmental conditions without risking damage to the optics.

The PLX All-Weather Lateral Transfer Hollow RetroreflectorTM (LTHRAW) has an ingress protection rating of IP67, giving total protection from total dust ingress and immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.

The all-weather enclosure can be customized for the desired clear aperture, offset, accuracy requirements, and more.  In addition to sealed windows, optical filters, secondary field-replaceable windows, purging valves can also be incorporated. It is also available with a vacuum-compatible package.

These features greatly simplify field operations such as bore-sighting and validating electro-optical systems such as surveillance and targeting.

When requesting a quote or placing an order, please specify your required offset. The offset is the distance from the center of one clear aperture to the other. All catalog LTHRs are custom made units to your requested offset specification.

Please kindly let us know your desired working wavelength range and your total throughput requirement. Our window standard wavelength range is 400nm to 1000nm, Should your specifications fall outside this spectrum, the product would be considered customized to ensure it meets your requirements. 

Specification Chart
Model Clear Aperture
Mirror Surface
Exiting Beam
Max Deviation
L-10-AW L-10-AW 1.0/25 λ/10 - λ/2 1.0 - 30.0
L-20-AW L-20-AW 2.0/51 λ/10 - λ/2 1.0 - 30.0
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