PLX's Beam Steering Technology for System Integrators
  in the defense, aerospace and C-UAS markets.

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Beam Steering Technology

  • PLX's optimized Micro Electro Mechanical beams steering technology (MEMS) combined with our Monolithic Optical Structure TechnologyTM (M.O.S.T) delivers arc second accuracy under the harshest environments.
  • High speed steering mirror allows real time tracking and measurement of fast moving targets.
  • The single monolithic structure of the MEMS provides high reliability and repeatability in a compact form factor.
  • Low power operation enables integration into a wide variety of platforms.

PLX Target Tracking Applications

PLX’s Target Tracking Applications concept combines the patented PLX Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T) with PLX’s ground-breaking Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) based beam steering technology. 

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This creates a compact ultra-high performance tracking solution that combines both precision tracking and range finding in a single modular system, replacing a conventional Laser Range-finder in a variety of applications such as Counter-UAS defense, space and commercial drone mapping systems.

A high repetition rate pulsed laser is directed by a MEMs beam steering mirror to scan for a target within its field of view. Once the target is acquired, the T-LRF locks onto the target and tracks it, feeding bearing information back to the host system. Range information is calculated using time of flight of the laser pulses. This provides real time accurate tracking information at long ranges with small, fast moving, hard to track targets such as consumer and military drones at both long and short range. 

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