PLX's Boresighting Verification Technology dramatically enhances targeting capabilities. The technology uses PLX's proprietary, high-accuracy beam-delivery system which can be customized to fit any application. 



The units updated capability enables you to verify the alignment of your hardware’s optical axis and you're aiming device with sub-arc second accuracy.

PLX’s Boresighting systems operate with extreme stability, even under the harshest levels of vibration and shock, such as helicopter flight and battlefield conditions.

In a typical military Boresighting application, you have a laser target designator, one line of sight day time camera for daytime viewing, and a line of sight for an infrared camera for nighttime imaging.

Whatever your Boresighting requirements are, PLX can adapt its technology to meet your new equipment or upgrade needs.

Modernized Boresight Module (M-BSM)

Modernized Boresight Module™

The Modernized Boresight Module, designed by Lockheed Martin and manufactured by PLX, allows simultaneous viewing of multiple lines of sight. The module uses two Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™(LTHR™) configured in a stable housing that provides up to one arc second parallelism under the most adverse conditions. The unit can be customized to fit any application.

Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™ (LTHR™) w/ Beam Dump (LTHR™-BD)

LTHR_with_Beam_Dump___attenuationNew.jpgThis customized assembly is a combination of PLX Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™(LTHR™) with a beam dump, and it is perfect to sample an outgoing multi-wavelength laser beam.  The return is offset and parallel to the incoming beam and can be used to monitor the pointing of the high energy laser beam.  The output is reduced by 6 orders of magnitude from the input signal over the spectral band of 2 to 5.5 microns.  A majority of the power was directed towards a beam dump, but additional attenuation was needed and provided by special coatings on all of the optics.

All-Weather OEM Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™(LTHRAW) / Portable Boresighting Kit

PLX All-Weather Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™(LTHRAW) provides ruggedized, vacuum compatible, hermetically sealed all-weather enclosures for applications that require environmental protection for optical surfaces—enabling our products to perform under the harshest environmental conditions without risking damage to the optics.  These features greatly simplify field operations such as portable bore-sighting and validating electro-optical systems such as surveillance and targeting.

The Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™ (LTHR™)

The Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™

The PLX Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflector™ (LTHR™) is an innovative retroreflector tube that is basically a segment of a large hollow retroreflector. It is perfect for folding parallel light 180° and displacing it any given distance while maintaining perfect parallelism between the incoming and outgoing beams, even while the system is vibrating. To achieve boresighting, place the LTHR™ at the center of one line of sight in a manner such that the viewer observes the center of the second line of sight.

The Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscope™ (LTHP™)

The Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscope™

The PLX Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscope™ (LTHP™) enables a transfer of a parallel beam to any given distance while maintaining perfect parallelism between the incoming and outgoing beams, even while the system is vibrating. In many applications, a LTHP™ may be used for boresighting.

Rotary Movement Device™ (RMD)


Use the PLX Rotary Movement Device™ (RMD) to attach two or more instruments at their respective entrance and exit apertures. The RMD™ enables a connection between any desirable combinations of LTHRs™ and LTHPs™.

Hollow Roof Mirrors™ (HRM™)

Hollow Roof Mirrors™

PLX Hollow Roof Mirrors™ (HRMs) are ideal for redirecting light in one coordinate. The HRM is an orthogonal assembly of two plane mirrors attached to each other along one "roof edge." They can be used in almost every application where a "roof top" or porro prism can be used.

All products can be modified to operate under unique and severe environmental conditions.

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