PLX Long Path Spectroscopy Applications

Long Path Spectroscopy


PLX Hollow Retroreflector Arrays™ are commonly used as targets for long path absorption measurements. This type of measurement is common for environmental monitoring applications, or, more specifically, for measuring traces of atmospheric gases.

Hollow Retroreflector Arrays™ (HRA™) for modern FTIR Long Path Spectroscopy.

PLX Hollow Retroreflector Arrays™ (HRA™) Arrays are perfect for modern FTIR long path spectroscopy over a wide spectral range and long distances. Retroreflector Arrays are standard assemblies for PLX, and they are provided with the proper enclosure and interface for all common systems.

PLX can create a customized Array for your long path spectroscopy application.

Arrays can vary in size from a few inches in diameter to several feet across. We can provide individual Retroreflectors in the array in any size, with accuracies of better than 1 arc second maximum deviation. Custom mirror coatings are available for specific wavelengths and high power laser applications.

All products can be modified to operate under unique and severe environmental conditions.

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