PLX's Beam Steering Technology industrial for System Integrators
  in the industrial manufacturing and robotics markets.

Beam Steering Technology

  • PLX's optimized Mirco Electro Mechanical beams steering technology (MEMS) combined with our Monolithic Optical Structure TechnologyTM  (M.O.S.T) delivers arc second accuracy under the harshest environments.
  • High speed steering mirror allows real time tracking and measurement of fast moving targets.
  • The single monolithic structure of the MEMS provides high reliability and repeatability in a compact form factor.
  • Low power operation enables integration into a wide variety of platforms.

By combining PLX’s novel beam-steering technology with PLX’s Monolithic Optical Structure TechnologyTM (M.O.S.T.) PLX can deliver complete, cutting edge scanning and metrology solutions in applications such as 3D laser scanning, and closed-loop robotic process control.

Robotic 6DOF tracking for real-time control

GenericRobot tracking

Industrial robots typically have poor precision and suffer from drift, requiring frequent calibration to minimize waste.  Top end laser scanning equipment can achieve precision of the 10’s of microns; but are very expensive even for major manufacturers. They are used infrequently and cannot be integrated directly into the workflow.

PLX’s innovative beam steering technology can achieve equal precision in a rugged. compact unit at a low enough cost that one or more scanners can be permanently embedded into manufacturing systems.

Beam steering 1080

This offers the potential for real-time, closed loop management of manufacturing systems which greatly reduces or even removes the need for calibration to maintain a given accuracy. This reduces waste and enables higher specifications to be achieved.  The use of multiple scanning units avoids line of sight issues and can offer solutions to the most complex metrology challenges in, for example, aerospace manufacturing. 

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