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Visit booth 238 at SPIE West and see how PLX’s optical technology helps you get what you aim for.

December 13, 2023 09:03

Visit booth 238 at Photonics West and learn how M.O.S.T. delivers stability, accuracy and reliability to your application.

Whether it's a military, space/aerospace, or commercial application, engineers save significant initial time when integrating Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T.) into a system since it is a pre-aligned block. Because we permanently align the assembly, it exhibits exceptional thermal and mechanical stability and never needs adjusting. Our (M.O.S.T.) technology can be modified or custom-designed to operate under the most severe environmental conditions. 

PLX Inc.'s advanced Boresighting technology is pivotal in enhancing precision targeting across several key defense initiatives. It is central to the success of the Apache helicopter's Arrowhead program.

PLX LTHRXP precision technology enhances the Raytheon Common Sensor Payload (CSP), MTSA and MTSB programs. Beyond this, PLX's metal Monolithic optics are essential in the IBAS and ITAS TOW missile targeting systems. These diverse applications underscore PLX's ability to deliver accurate and reliable alignment in various military surveillance and targeting scenarios, showcasing their adaptability and expertise in modern warfare technology.

Our Novel Tracking Laser Range Finder (T-LRF) is designed to provide real-time, high-accuracy bearing and range data of a tracked target or multiple targets to the host system. Enabling significant benefits to applications that require precise tracking of fast-moving objects. For example, tracking drones, tracking debris in orbit for removal or defensive systems to counter incoming projectiles such as missiles.

Visit PLX at Booth #238 at Photonics West Jan. 30th-Feb 1st,  2024

The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California

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