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If you missed us at the SPIE show, here were the stars of the show. 

May 09, 2024 09:00

When optical systems and instruments are engineered with our Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T. ), they are remarkably more productive, enabling exceptional accuracy, a smaller footprint, and long life under the harshest environmental conditions. The PLX stars of the show, our all-weather LTHRAW, LTHRXP, and Beam Steering Technologies, are just a few samples of our optical solutions.


PLX Beam Steering Technology delivers cutting-edge laser scanning systems for target tracking and metrology applications. It is designed for system integrators in the defense, aerospace, CUAS, industrial manufacturing, and robotics markets.

PLX All-Weather Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors™ (LTHRAW) with hermetically sealed enclosures are designed for applications that work under the harshest environmental conditions without risking damage to the optics.

PLX Exceptional Performance Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors™ (LTHRXP) features a lightweight, stress-free mounting bracket and outstanding stability under extreme temperatures. They are perfect for applications requiring a compact overall size while maintaining exceedingly high accuracy across an unprecedented temperature range, ΔT=140°C (284°F). 

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