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PLX’s Rotary Movement Device™ combined with our LTHRs and LTHPs increases accuracy and efficiency.

November 09, 2023 10:44

When three or more optical axes are required for beam alignment, PLX’s Rotary Movement Device™ (RMD) combined with our LTHRs and LTHPs substantially increases accuracy and efficiency.

The PLX RMD is available in two packages: RMD type A(RMDA) and RMD type B(RMDB). The RMDA is also available in a motorized version (RMDAM). 

Some critical applications include:

  • Boresighting: Guarantees precise sensor alignment on a single target for enhanced accuracy in electro-optic targeting.
  • Laser Beam Delivery: Employs Articulated Arm Beam Delivery System for exact 3D placement, pivotal for tasks in engraving and detailed inspections such as interferometry.
  • Machinery Precision: Critical for ensuring the exact alignment of components in complex equipment, enhancing efficiency and performance.

PLX provides the RMD integrated with your choice of LTHPs and or LTHRs. With this configuration, the exiting beam position can be constantly adjusted to any given distance from the entrance beam while maintaining sub-arcsecond accuracy under harsh environmental conditions.

See a video demonstration of PLX’s RMD. 

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