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PLX is now a part of Luxium Solutions.

June 18, 2024 13:58

Luxium Solutions (formerly Saint-Gobain Crystals) is an industry-leading supplier of advanced engineered materials and solutions for diverse industries, including geophysical, industrial, medical, security, physics, protection, aerospace, semiconductor, aerospace, defense, and more. They specialize in developing single-crystal scintillation materials for radiation detection applications and sapphire and garnet substrates for photonics and power electronics.  

As Luxium’s exclusive Optics Division, PLX Inc. will help Luxium expand its reach and technology solutions to the Defense, Aerospace, and commercial industries with its Beam Steering, and proprietary Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T. )

The PLX Group will be bolstered by Luxium’s extensive resources, which include over 400 employees and offices in the US, France, and India, and sales offices in China and Japan.

PLX’s optical technologies are used in a range of harsh environments and high-end applications where structural integrity and accuracy over time are critical, such as Military Fire Control Systems, Boresighting, Beam Steering, Beam Alignment and Delivery Systems, Laser Tracking, Environmental Monitoring, Metrology, and Satellite Ranging. 

Both companies are united in the markets they serve, and their mission to "Create the most accurate products and instruments, with exceptional performance in the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum quality control and delivery.

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