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PLX stainless steel Ball Mounted Hollow RetroreflectorsTM (BMRs) improve performance, are the most accurate in the industry and, stainless steel ball material with sphericity better than 0.00005".



  • Superior laser tracking performance.
  • Guaranteed compatibility with laser tracking systems from all manufacturers.
  • If necessary, optical elements replaceable at modest cost.
  • Stainless steel ball material with sphericity better than 0.00005".
  • PLX is a registered ISO 9001 company.

Ball Mounted Hollow Retroreflectors™ (BMRs)

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PLX Ball Mounted Hollow Retroreflectors (BMRs) for laser tracking are the most accurate in the industry.

Now available in 2 centering accuracies: within .0005" and within .0001".

They are manufactured in three different diameters: 1 1/2", 7/8" and 1/2". Should the optical elements of your BMR ever become damaged, PLX can replace them with units of comparable accuracy and alignment to the original at a modest cost. 

Backed by PLX's history of superior quality BMRs.

Specification Chart
Model Ball Diameter
Retroreflector Clear Aperture
BMR-1.5 BMR-1.5 1.50 1 within .0001 - .0005 168
BMR-0.875 BMR-0.875 0.875 0.5 within .0001 - .0005 32
BMR-0.5 BMR-0.5 0.5 0.31 within .0001 - .0005 6

Ball Material: Stainless Steel with sphericity better than 0.00005".

Retroreflector Apex: positioned within either .0005" or .0001" of the center of the ball as specified.

Retroreflector Mirror Coating: Protected silver.