PLX all metal, Durable Ball Mounted Retroreflectors (DBMRs) are designed to work in demanding environments. They are break resistant with our standard silver coating for the highest reflectance, distance, and higher resistance to shock.



  • Longest laser tracking range due to superior optical accuracy.
  • All metal design with increased durability.
  • Higher resistance to shock.
  • Stainless Steel ball with sphericity of 0.00005".
  • Guaranteed compatibility with laser tracking systems from all major manufacturers.

Ball Mounted Hollow Retroreflectors™ (BMRs)

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They have been successfully drop-tested on concrete from a height of 6 feet.

PLX BMRs enable the longest tracking range due to their superior optical accuracy. Our DBMRs are available in 1.5” diameter and two centering options (0.0001” and 0.0005”), and are guaranteed to be compatible with laser tracking systems of all manufacturers. 

All PLX Ball Mounted Retroreflectors are equipped with our standard protected silver coating for the highest durability, reflectance and distance. Our coatings are applied directly on the mirror surface utilizing the same process that is used for military applications. Other break-resistant retroreflectors have replicated mirror coatings. In this process, the mirrors are coated with unprotected gold over epoxy, which makes them very sensitive to handling and exposure to outdoor harsh environments.

Backed by PLX's history of superior quality BMRs.

Specification Chart
Model Ball Diameter
Retroreflector Clear Aperture
DBMR-1.5 DBMR-1.5 1.50 1 within .0001 - .0005 173
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Ball Material: Stainless Steel with sphericity of 0.00005".

Retroreflector Apex: positioned within either .0005" or .0001" of the center of the ball as specified.

Retroreflector Mirror Coating: Protected silver.