The AngleMeter U3 is a high-accuracy measurement instrument capable of arc-second resolution

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  • Large field of view.
  • Real time measurement of angular displacement.
  • Automatic angle deviation display.
  • Relative measurements.
  • Built-in coarse aiming laser.
  • Multiple results display.
  • Optional Pan and tilt assembly
  • Data logging with detailed statistics.
  • Software controlled electronic shutter & gain.
  • Data exporting to another computer via RS232 or TCP/IP.
  • Video with playback, snapshot files.
  • Complete with full software suite for recording and documenting measurements.

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The AngleMeter U3  measures CW beams, and offers portable, fast and accurate beam alignment solutions, by monitoring minute angular deviations on a wide aperture. 

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The AngleMeter uses an optical design similar to a refractive telescopic sight.  A laser beam incident on the input aperture of the objective lens will be  focused onto the detector surface. Its location on the detector surface is directly proportional to the angular deviation of the laser beam with
respect to the AngleMeter optical axis. The AngleMeter U3 can simultaneously measure multiple laser beams directions and their relative angular positions with respect to the housing, The system measures the divergence of a laser beam down to 0.5/0.8mrad with a position resolution better than 7.5μrad/ 5μrad. The system is available in 25mm or 50mm. Specifications for both systems are available.  The AngleMeter also measures laser beam power and power fluctuations can be recorded and displayed as a strip chart versus time.

The Anglemeter U3 is utilized in the monitoring of moving optical devices,such as gimbaled cameras and seekers




FoV ±12° (H) x ±8° (V) ±6° (H) x ±4° (V)
Clear Aperture 17mm 27mm
Beam Divergence Measurements Down to 0.8 mRad or better  Down to 0.5 mRad or better 
Position resolution of laser beam  Better than 7.5 μrad  Better than 5 μrad
Beam width resolution  Better than 15 μrad  Better than 10 μrad 

Built in coarse aiming Laser Pointer 

638 nm power <1.0 mW

Class 2 laser product, IEC60825-1

Spectral Response 

350 – 1310, in several bands 

VIS 400-700, IR 700-1100 & 1100-1310 

Resolution (H x V pixels)

1920 x 1200 

sensor can be divided into multiple active areas, working in parallel for up to 400 sectors

Gain Control  x24 
Dynamic Range 60 dB, 12 bit 
Exposure Speed  39 µsec to 20 sec 

Frame Rate 

40 fps (8 bit) 

30 fps (12 bit) – up to 550 fps@ fast mode

Sensor type  Proprietary CMOS 
Pixel Size  5.86 µm x 5.86 µm 
Pixel Bit Depth  8/12 bits
Background Subtraction  User activated 
Objective Aperture  M72 x 0.75 mm


  • Internal Software 
  • Hardware Falling or Rising Edge
  • Trigger Delay 0.015ms - 4.0 sec 

Pan & Tilt Option

Tilt ±2°, Pan ±2.5° 
Interface USB 3.0, Windows 7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit) 

Min. Hardware Requirements 

i3 1.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM 

Min. Resolution 1366 x 766 

Dimensions(L x W x H) in mm 205 x 92 x 125
Power Requirements ~2.5 Watt (Via USB 3.0 interface)
Weight (typical) 3.7 kg
Operating Temperature 

0° – 35° C

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