PLX's new, exclusive line of all-metal hollow monolithic retroreflectors: Designed to work in extreme environmental conditions, perfect for nuclear fusion applications.

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All Metal Hollow Retroreflectors™ (AMHR)

Cat. No. Clear Aperture
Beam Deviation
Diagram 3D Model
AMHR-13-20 1.25in (32mm) 20 326
AMHR-13-30 1.25in (32mm) 30 326
AMHR-13-60 1.25in (32mm) 60 326
AMHR-13-100 1.25in (32mm) 100 326

Beam Deviation is the maximum deviation from parallelism, expressed in seconds of arc, of any single return beam from any of the 6 sub-apertures of the retroreflector, when the retroreflector is fully-illuminated.

Higher accuracy than 20 arc second available upon customer request. 

Certain high accuracy models may be heavier than indicated here. Check with us for actual weight.

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