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ATLAS – Perfectly Aligned thanks to Retroreflectors - Laser Components Photonics News.

June 26, 2020 08:31

The Alignment Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) is an alignment instrument for the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS) aboard the ICESat-2 satellite.

ICESat-2's mission is to deploy a spaceborne sensor to collect altimetry data of the Earth’s surface optimized to measure ice sheet elevation change and sea ice thickness while generating an estimate of global vegetation biomass.

PLX developed two vacuum-compatible Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors (LTHRTM) in conjunction with Ball Aerospace Technologies. The two LTHRs™ are part of the Alignment Monitoring and Control System. The retroreflectors are used to keep the laser and receiving telescope bore-sighted to each other during orbit.

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