The PLX Lateral Transfer Hollow PeriscopeTM (LTHP) is used to shift a beam laterally to any distance while maintaining the beam direction. It is extremely temperature stable and has a beam output as accurate as one arc second. 


Quote for: Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscopes™ (LTHP)

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Request For a Quote Form - Lateral Transfer Hollow Periscopes™ (LTHP)

For an accurate LTHP quote please: Indicate Quantity, choose Coating Suffix, click on Aperture, then type in required offset (the distance from one clear aperture to another). Mirror Surface Flatness and Exiting Beam quoted as shown.

Quantity Coating Suffix Catalog Number Required Offset Mirror Surface Flatness (λ=633nm) Exiting Beam Max Deviation (arc.sec.)
1.0" Clear Aperture 2.0" Clear Aperture
P-10-1 P-20-1 λ/10 1.0
P-10-2 P-20-2 λ/10 2.0
P-10-5 P-20-5 λ/8 5.0
P-10-10 P-20-10 λ/4 10.0
P-10-30 P-20-30 λ/2 30.0

Unless otherwise specified quotes will be based on standard mirror coatings