PLX Hollow Retroreflector ArraysTM for modern FTIR long-path spectroscopy over a wide range and long distances, providing high-quality wavefronts for perfect parallelism between incoming and outgoing beams and high-efficiency returns.   


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Request For a Quote Form - Hollow Retroreflector Arrays™ (HRA)

Cat. No. No. of Retros Accuracy (arc.sec.) Reflective Area (in2/cm2.) Wgt. (lbs.) 3D Models &
AR-30-20 30 20 175/1129 50 Click Here
AR-30-5 30 5 175/1129 50
AR-60-20 60 20 350/2258 70 Click Here
AR-60-5 60 5 350/2258 70

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Unless otherwise specified quotes will be based on standard mirror coatings