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Announcing the USHM from PLX

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Announcing the USHM from PLX. A new innovation in Hollow Retroreflector technology.

The Ultra Stable Hard-Mounted Hollow Retroreflector (USHM), is a self-compensating mirror that is totally insensitive to position and movement, extremely accurate and available in a variety of coatings and configurations.

The USHM is well suited for critical military, aerospace, analytical and other OEM uses. It exhibits exceptional performance in interferometer applications where high stability is of utmost importance.

USHMExtremely stable and accurate, the USHM is available in a variety of coatings and custom configurations.

Its unique hard mount solidly connects the Retroreflector to the next assembly. Because it is vacuum compatible and can be positioned about the permanently connected post in any orientation, it provides greater freedom for different mounting configurations. 

Potential variations include: smaller and larger apertures; special performance glass; modified mounts to meet your interface; super-critical accuracies; dielectric mirror coatings for high-powered lasers; and units able to withstand military and space environments.

For more information go to Ultra Stable Hard-Mounted Hollow Retroreflector (USHM) or visit our contact page

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