We are looking for a Master Optician to lead an Optical Shop to join our team, with ample opportunity for growth within the company. PLX is a in a high-paced multi-tasking environment working mainly in the defense and space industry.


Please e-mail your resume to hr@plxinc.com and indicate which position you are applying for.

Please include your salary history and any salary requirements, to be considered for any of the positions.

Master Optician for Precision Optical Shop

PLX, Inc is a state-of-the-art optical technology company based in New York, providing vital solutions to fit the demands of a new generation of optical requirements by specializing in the development and manufacture of high accuracy complex optical structures that withstand non-optimal conditions. With a 65-year heritage at the forefront of innovation, PLX continues to transform optics by integrating innovative optical systems into the assemblies of critical defense, space, and aerospace platforms. PLX is the leader in development and fabrication of monolithic and invariant optics, and the pioneers of hollow retroreflectors, such as the Lateral Transfer Hollow Retreflectors and Periscopes (LTHR/LTHP). One of the core technologies is the patented system integration of optical structure technologies, the Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T.), which has thermally & environmentally stable sub-arcsecond performance in a compact form factor.

We are looking for a Master Optician for precision optical shop to join our team, with ample opportunity for growth within the company. The goal is to ensure effective production operations and optimize procedures. This is a very exciting opportunity for the right individual with art related skills and teamwork.

Position Primary Responsibility:

  • Lead a team of polishers and technicians in producing cutting-edge Plano optical elements
  • Grinding and Polishing optics using a variety of equipment.
  • Polishing optics on pitch tools, both spindles and CP, and computer-controlled deterministic double-sided polishing machines
  • Polish parts to print specifications and established performance standards.
    • Flatness up to λ/20
    • Meeting flatness requirement to the edge of the part
    • Polishing non-circular parts
    • Surface finish up to 20:10
  • Follows scheduled workflow according to assigned priorities, and communicates deviations to department lead.

Required Skills:

  • Must be proficient in reading and comprehending blueprints
  • Must have 5 years hands-on experience in high accuracy flat optics 
  • Knowledge of Blanchard grinders, surface grinders, and lapping machines is a plus
  • Bright, creative, energetic, open-minded, excellent interpersonal skills, teamwork attitude.
  • Manufacturing software experience a plus.
  • Bilingual-English /Spanish is a plus

Job Type: Full-time

Full benefits: 

  • Medical, 
  • 401K, 
  • Performance bonuses 

PLX is an equal opportunity employer that emphasizes the importance of collaboration, respect, and diversity in the workplace


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