We are looking for a Machinist who is motivated and would be responsible for all in-house machining jobs. PLX is a in a high-paced multi-tasking environment working mainly in the defense and space industry.


Please e-mail your resume to hr@plxinc.com and indicate which position you are applying for.

Please include your salary history and any salary requirements, to be considered for any of the positions.

CNC Machinist

PLX, Inc is a state-of-the-art optical technology company based in New York, providing vital solutions to fit the demands of a new generation of optical requirements by specializing in the development and manufacture of high accuracy complex optical structures that withstand non-optimal conditions. With a 65-year heritage at the forefront of innovation, PLX continues to transform optics by integrating innovative optical systems into the assemblies of critical defense, space, and aerospace platforms. PLX is the leader in development and fabrication of monolithic and invariant optics, and the pioneers of hollow retroreflectors, such as the Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroflectors and Periscopes (LTHR/LTHP). One of the core technologies is the patented system integration of optical structure technologies, the Monolithic Optical Structure Technology™ (M.O.S.T.), which has thermally & environmentally stable sub-arcsecond performance in a compact form factor.

We are looking for a Machinist who is motivated and would be responsible for all in-house machining jobs. The individual will receive jobs, drawings, and lead time requirements from the Director of Operations and the Director of Engineering. On-the-job CNC machining experience. This individual will perform all necessary machining operations and meet ISO 9001 quality requirements with minimum supervision.

Some of the additional duties of a CNC machinist include:

  • Programming machinery
  • Quality Control
  • Troubleshooting and fixing mechanical issues
  • Supervising and managing CNC operators

Required Skills:

  • Excellent high precision machinist skills, using manual lathe, mill, CNC machinery and other basic machine shop fabrication and inspection tools.
  • Fluent in CNC programing and Mastercam.
  • Attention for detail while maintaining key deadline metrics.
  • Self-managed shop environment needs to be detail-orientated and motivated by a multi-tasking environment.
  • Able to estimate material requirements and production times.

Job Type: Full-time

Full benefits: 

  • Medical,
  • 401K,
  • Performance bonuses

PLX is an equal opportunity employer that emphasizes the importance of collaboration, respect, and diversity in the workplace


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