Commercial / Industrial

Commercial / Industrial Applications

PLX's M.O.S.T. Techonology offers sub-arc-second
accuracy between elements and extreme stability,
opening a whole new world of possibilities.


PLX offers a wide variety of commercial, scientific and industrial applications for use in any wavelength where accuracy and stability are essential, especially in harsh environments.

  • Process Control
  • Metrology
  • Spectroscopy Instrumentation
  • Laser Systems and Targeting
  • Laboratory Instrumentation and Devices
  • Optical Testing, Machinery Alignment, Boresighting Systems

PLX’s Hollow optics and Monolithic Optical Structure Technology (M.O.S.T™) offers superior solutions to your commercial/industrial optical applications.

Applications such as FTIR SpectroscopyMetrology, process control, beam alignment and beam delivery require the critical alignment of one optical axis or line of sight with another. In these applications, the beams must be parallel to each other with a high degree of accuracy, in some cases better than one second of arc. Often, this accuracy must be maintained in harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures and high vibration and shock.

Our proprietary Retroreflector is a prism, which has the property of returning beams of parallel light directly to the light source, regardless of the physical orientation of the prism. This property makes the Retroreflector a perfect device to be used as a reference and a beam delivery device between any two optical axes. 


Our M.O.S.T.™ technology makes it possible for PLX to integrate different glass types and exotic materials into a single sandwich structure. This integration results in a solid box-like assembly that not only exhibits exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, but also lasts indefinitely.

M.O.S.T.™ technology can be customized to fit an infinit variety of applications.

PLX’s ACT-25 and ACT-HR systems incorporating our M.O.S.T.™ mirror technology are designed for Optical Testing, Machinery Alignment and Boresighting applications. These high accuracy measurement instruments are used in tool rooms, inspection departments and quality control laboratories.

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