Hollow Retroreflectors

Because of their state-of-the art accuracy and unique ability to withstand harsh environments and superior accuracy, you’ll find PLX's Hollow Retroreflectors utilized in Aerospace and Defense systems and laboratory instruments around the world. PLX Hollow Retroreflectors can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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Our Hollow Retroreflector Products:

Retroreflector Selector Chart

PROPERTIES Omni Wave Hard Mount USHM
Weight Heaviest Lightist Light
Overall Size Large Smallest Small
Apex Location Control Fair Excellent Excellent
Vacuum Compatible Not Standard Excellent Excellent
Mounting Stiffness Fair Good Excellent
Mechanical Stability Excellent Excellent Excellent
Thermal Stability Good Very Good Excellent
Vibration Good Very Good Excellent
Shock Resistance Excellent Very Good Excellent
Protective Housing Yes  No  No 
Metrology Excellent Excellent Excellent
OEM Use Fair Excellent Excellent
Motion Control Good Excellent Excellent
OEM Interferometry Good Excellent Excellent
OEM Spectroscopy Good Excellent Excellent
Laboratory Excellent Good Good
Industrial Excellent Good Good