• Beam alignment where two or more additional axes are required.
  • Constantly adjustable exiting beam position.
  • Sub arc second accuracy under harsh environmental conditions. 
  • PLX is a registered ISO 9001 company.

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Rotary Movement Device™ for LTHP and LTHR combinations.

In applications where the major beam must be aligned with two or more other optical axes, a multiple configuration of LTHR's and LTHP's is required. This can be achieved by the use of the PLX Rotary Movement Device (RMD) to attach two or more instruments at their respective entrance and exit apertures. In this configuration, the exiting beam position can be constantly adjusted to any given distance from the entrance beam while maintaining subarcsecond accuracy, even under harsh environmental conditions. The following are representative examples: 

Click here for product diagram of an RMD-A

Click here for product diagram of an RMD-B